Instructions to the candidates

  1. Students need to register into this portal before applying. For fresh registration click on New Registration link in the top menu of the page.

  2. On New Registration page, fill up every details. Fields marked with * are mandatory. Please do not leave these fields blank.

  3. After filling all the details click on Register. On successful registration you will receive a message. Note down your Application ID and Password. Your Application ID and Password will also be sent to your email shortly. Please wait for sometime to receive your mail. It may take sometime due to overloading of server.

  4. After successful registration, you can login into the portal with your Application ID and Password.

  5. There are 6 steps in the system.The 6th step is the final step to submit. After final submit you will not be allowed to edit your details anymore.

  6. After you login to the system you will be proceeded to Step 1. Fill up the general details in Step 1 and click Save. Unless you click on Save your details will not be saved to our system.

  7. On clicking Save, your details will be reflected on the page itself. For editing any details, edit them and click on Save again. Once you save, your newly updated data will appear in the form itself.

  8. After saving the details in Step 1, click on Proceed on the bottom right corner of the screen. This would make you proceed to Step 2

  9. Step 2 contains previous academic details of the candidate. To add your data select any examination from the drop-down-list and fill up Board/University, Year of passing, Percentage and Roll number and then click on Add Record

  10. After click Add Record, your details would appear in the bottom of the screen under Your saved academic details which means that your details are saved in the system. To delete them use the Delete button on the right of each record.There is no way to edit these details in Step 2, if you need to change them, delete them first and then re-enter with the correct values.

  11. After completion of Step 2, again click on Proceed to goto Step 3.

  12. In Step 3 give the marks of the last examination on which admission is sought. To edit any details here follow the procedures given in Point 7

  13. Next goto Step 4 and give your subject preferences and combination. To edit any details here follow the procedures given in Point 7

  14. Next goto Step 5 and give your miscellaneous details. To edit any details here follow the procedures given in Point 7

  15. Next goto Step 6 and preview your form. The preview window contains the form with all your details filled up in the earlier steps. If there is any error click on Edit on the right bottom of the form or else click on Final Submit to finally submit your data. After you finally submit you will not be allowed to edit your data anymore. Please make sure that your details are correct in the preview form before finally submitting.

  16. After you finally submit your data you would be able to download/print your application form after logging into the system again.

  17. Take a print out of your application form in both sides of legal paper (not A4 Paper) and paste your recent passport sized photograph and sign the document. You need to submit the form in the college counter.

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